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San Nicolas Amendment Includes 2015 Overtime, Night Differential, Hazard Pay

If Bill 415-32 (LS) is enacted into law, the Guam Police Department (GPD) employees should receive their full overtime, night differential and hazard pay this year. Senator Michael F.Q. San Nicolas provided language for the bill to fully fund 2015 overtime, night differential, and hazard pay that is anticipated for GPD. This language was included in the substitute on the floor today.

“I am glad that my proposed language was included,” said Senator San Nicolas. “Now police officers who have been waiting all year won’t have to wait any longer.”

Bill 415 is intended to address prior year overtime, but after presentations before the committee of the whole by GPD and Customs and Quarantine, additional areas of underfunding were identified, including night differential and hazard pay. Furthermore, it was found that some public safety departments would require additional funding for current year overtime, night differential, and hazard pay.

Senator San Nicolas raised concerns why these areas were not identified by the Guam Police Department during budget hearings in August, even after questions addressed specifically to address the full payment of overtime.

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