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Senator San Nicolas Property Tax Bill Vetoed; Similar Legislation Introduced By Republicans Which Includes Authorization to Seize Residential Property

Senator Michael San Nicolas’s Bill 362-32, which sought to: 1) extend the deadline for homeowner, farmer, senior and persons with disabilities tax exemption application 2) tie taxpayer identification number (TIN) to property tax rolls, and 3) lower the statute of limitation for property taxes from 30 years to 10 years, was vetoed by Gov. Eddie Calvo.

Republican Senator Mike Limtiaco subsequently introduced Bill 413-32 which is substantially similar to Senator San Nicolas’s Bill 362-32 with two key exceptions:

1)  Bill 413-32 would lower the statute of limitations for property tax from 30 years to 10 years, only for property taxes after 2013.  Over 8,000 property tax owners would still be on the hook to provide a receipt of payment over 10 years old.

2)  Bill 413-32 would authorize the Director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation to take administrative action to collect and resolve delinquent property taxes including the seizure of residential property.

I am very concerned about the section Sen. Limtiaco added that opens the door for the Director of Revenue and Taxation to seize residential property for taxpayers the Government says may have a 30 year old tax bill,” said Senator San Nicolas.

Manåmko’ have come to me saying that Rev & Tax is going after them for tax bills that are 25, 30 years old that they have paid.  Rev and Tax is demanding receipts for these payments, but who keeps receipts for 25, 30 years?  Leaving our manåmko’ on the hook for these bad bills and then have the government threaten their property with seizure is not right,” said Senator San Nicolas.

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