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Senator San Nicolas votes No on Budget Bill

Senator San Nicolas voted “No” on Bill 269-32, the FY2015 budget bill which sought to spend $827 million of people’s money, the highest level of yearly spending in the history of the Government of Guam.

I do not believe we should be lowering the amount of money set aside for tax refunds by millions of dollars so we can hire more GovGuam employees.   Tax refunds are not the government’s money to spend, it is the people’s money,” said Senator San Nicolas.

Senator San Nicolas also took issue with the lack of controls on the issuance of tax credits that have harmed the budgets of education and health in the current fiscal year.

Over and over again I tried to protect education and health from having their budgets reduced by tax credits like they were this year.  Currently, DOE is short $6 million and the hospital is short $14 million.  I did not want a repeat of this again next year; unfortunately my repeated efforts to end this never got the needed votes,” said Senator San Nicolas.

Overall San Nicolas would have preferred a more conservative budget to ensure commitments were securely funded.

We did not meet all of budgetary obligations this year and now we want to spend $65 million more next year.  I am not comfortable with this course of action and would prefer adopting a budget that we can deliver on with certainty, one that meets our obligations to our employees and vendors, and fully protects education, health and public safety.”

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